Tenerife camp part 1

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It has been already eight days since I began training camp on Tenerife Island with the majority of the “cadres romands” high jump team. We take advantage of good weather conditions as well as of local infrastructures. It allows us to ideally prepare next outdoor season.

My right ankle seemed ready to jump again, but I unfortunately felt it on a jump at the beginning of the camp. Thus my trainer and I decided to allow it to rest for another two weeks. I replaced the jumps on the right leg by some technic on the left one, while continuing to do normally the rest of the training (sprint, workout, strengthening, etc.). This work on the left leg allows me to find some sensations and marks, although it is still not very natural. Indeed, I am lacking of automatisms on this side of the mat, the inversion of the rotation movement blurs my marks and forces me to fight for finding them back. This will be useful for me to strengthen my feeling on take-off leg.

In spite of the frustration of not being able to jump as I would like, I greatly appreciate these last few days with my training team. We also enjoyed waves in the ocean to relax us between trainings.

In a few days, when I get back in Swiss, I will give you more information about end of the camp and about season’s start.

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